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The storage solution is the basic requirement for all industries. Since industries manufacture bulk products, they need it to store the manufactured goods before delivering them. Mex Storage Systems Pvt Ltd is among the leading Storage system manufacturers in Noida. We guarantee our customers that they will not face any issue regarding the quality of any of our products.

Depending on the nature of products manufactured by the industries, the same model of the industrial storage solution is not fit for all the industries. Therefore, we make different designs for different industries.

We are a reputed manufacturing house that deals in the production of various systems like pallet racking systems, mobile compactors, etc. You can explore our products on our website. The quality of all types of systems is up to mark. We are eminent Industrial Storage System Suppliers in India.

Mobile Compactor

The mobile racks are specially designed for places having limited space availability. Unlike pallet racking systems that are stationary at a place, th...

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Pallet Racking Systems

Mex Storage Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Pallet racking system manufacturers in Noida. We have been operating as a manufacturing house f...

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Long Span Racking Systems

As the name implies, these types of racking systems have long length. These types of tracking systems are the most suitable for supermarkets. Mex Stor...

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Industrial Racking System

Mex Storage Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial storage racks. Industries produce a large number of products per day. Therefore, t...

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