Top Types Of Industrial Storage Racks

Top Types Of Industrial Storage Racks

Top Types Of Industrial Storage Racks

Industrial storage racks are used to store things produced by different industries. Industries use these racking systems to keep the produced goods safe before their final delivery. In this blog, we will discuss the top types of industrial storage racks. If you are searching to buy industrial racking systems, Mex Storage Systems will be the best place to buy. We are one of the renowned industrial storage racks manufacturers in Noida.

Steel Shelving

It is the most common type of shelving system used in most of the industries. The main material used to make these types of shelving systems is steel. Therefore, such types of shelving systems come with excellent strength. Depending on the gauge of the steel, these shelving systems can handle varying amounts of weight.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Shelving System

Advantages Disadvantages
Steel shelving systems are relatively easy to assemble. Depending on the design, this shelving system can take a significant amount of time in assembling.
In steel shelving systems, a number of accessories are available to create custom shelving. Due to its design nature, steel shelving systems are not fit to be mounted on casters.
These types of shelving systems are an ideal solution for high density applications. The cost is relatively high.

Wire Racks

In this type of storage rack, the shelves are made of wired design. The wired design of shelves makes these racks more attractive. Wire racks are relatively light in weight and are resistant to mould and rust.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wire racks

Advantages Disadvantages
Light in weight and can be mounted on casters to make them mobile. Wired racking systems can be more expensive than steel racking systems.
Due to the wired structure, these shelves are much easier to clean. Come with a limited load bearing capacity.
The wired design does not block water, hence, they are less prone to rust. They have limited applications.

Rivet Storage Racks

Rivet shelving system is one of the most economical forms of industrial shelving systems. They come with the highest durability and are easy to access from both the sides. They are widely used in warehouses, stick rooms, and other industries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rivet Storage Racks

Advantages Disadvantages
Comes with a very economical design. Due to the use of heavy gauge steel, these shelving systems are heavier.
Has a wide range of applications. Rivet storage racks are available in a limited number of design options.
They can be assembled easily.  

Bulk Storage Racks

As the name implies, these racking systems are used to store a large number of materials. They are also known as wide-span racks due to the large length of their shelves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bulk Storage Racks

Advantages Disadvantages
These racks are one of the most versatile forms of industrial shelving systems. They are the very basic form of shelving systems, hence, are available in a limited range of sizes.
Because these racking systems are made of heavy gauge steel, they are capable of handling the heavy loads. Because of the heavy steel gauge, their weight is high.

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